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Pro Staff

Pro Staff


Coming from a small town named Croswell in the thumb of Michigan, Rawthumb consists of Nick Ehrlich and Austin Brywig. With a love of the outdoors from fishing to hunting to just enjoying nature, we set out to get the most out of Michigan and what it has to offer. From chasing monster bucks to landing huge fish, we try to do it all and share our outdoor adventures that is Rawthumb.

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We are a group of 5 friends who love the outdoors. We hunt, fish and scout in all the free time we have. We are mostly out of Pennsylvania but are also in Maryland. We hunt everything from big bucks to ducks.


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Monster buck is in the process of looking for a few Pro Staff who will receive free gear in exchange for social media exposure.

To qualify:

  • Must have a minimum of 1500 followers and post multiple times a week
  • Start tagging us and use #teammonsterbuck in all your hunting photos
  • Follow us here (Facebook, Instagram) and we will contact you about the pro staff program!!



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